My Struggle with Thin Hair

For years I always admired my sister’s thick long hair wondering why I had to deal with the complete opposite. I used to be so self-conscious about my hair, especially in photos where it was so thin in places you could see my scalp, it would really distress me as I;m sure it would with a lot of people!

I have tried so many treatments over the years recommended by hairdressers and internet searches and none of them made much of a difference until my mom contacted me about a doctor that appeared on TV promoting Aloe Vera oil.  I decided to go and find some, instead, I found a 3 piece set of Shampoo, Conditioner and a treatment that were all made of a collection of natural oils with no chemicals. After just a few washes, my hair began to feel healthier already and now,  just 1 month after I started to use it, I feel so much more confident with my hair, it feels and looks so much thicker than before! I’ve now gone from attempting to cover up my thinness by adding extensions to going out with my natural hair for everyone to see without the fear of someone taking a photo where my scalp is showing. Personally, I think the key to changing my hair was going from chemicals to natural oils but everyone is different. This is just a post for anyone out there with a similar issue who has lost hope on all the things people recommend that don’t work.


Right: I used to try and blur the areas where my scalp would show (it didn’t work too well as you can see!) Left: no need to blur anything anymore!

You can go all out and buy more expensive shampoo’s and conditioners made from natural oil (which is how I started to boost my hair) or you can try and find some cheaper ones which are made from just one type of natural oil: aloe vera, coconut, etc. Either way, just make sure it’ made purely from oils! The best part is that the majority of these natural hair treatments are free from animal cruelty!


I hope this works for you as well as it did for me!





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