Godwin’s Twelfth Night Review 6/4/17

One of Shakespeare’s most extreme plays with its deep exploration of identity whilst still maintaining comedic effect, it is a difficult play to attempt to produce an original performance. However, Godwin depicted it perfectly in his depiction. Keeping you laughing all the way through whilst still holding onto its emotional plot set in a more modern time setting.

Each actress/actor embraced their character perfectly keeping engagement with the audience and providing entertainment throughout as well as keeping to each character’s emotional portrayals.

The most significant change of all in Godwin’s adaptation was his casting of Malvolio as Tamsin Greig. Greig was fantastic in her role and kept the role funny but also emotional, stunning the audience (as overheard from other audience members). This change allowed the audience to experience the deep gender/sexuality explorations going on in the play and making them more prominent for today’s audience.

The dynamic relationships between the characters were not lost. Although, Antonio and Sebastian’s relationship felt slightly overlooked more so than the others when present on stage it became very intense and obvious.

Although I have never seen a production of Twelfth night before, I feel that this is a tough one for anyone to beat and I would recommend everyone to try and see an encore. One audience member called it the best production of Twelfth Night they had ever seen!




Featured image: https://www.nationaltheatre.org.uk/shows/twelfth-night 


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