Barcelona in 3 Days

Day 1


Brunch is a big deal in Spain so there are plenty of places to eat a big meal around 1/2pm. My favourite and first place we went to was Brunch&Cake with amazing meals including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options! The total for two people came to €24 including terrace charge because the weather was so beautiful (and they were the only seats we could grab) but it was definitely worth it for the food. It tasted as good as it looks!


Gothic Quarter and Cathedral: 

The Gothic Quarter is a must see in Barcelona with its small shops, cafe’s, bars and places to eat as well as being able to admire its architecture! Two of the sights include the Cathedral (it’s so big you cannot miss it) and the infamous bridge which you’ll see on plenty of postcards that are sold.

Top tip: When visiting the Cathedral, you are allowed to go inside for free however, take a pair of legging/trousers with you in warm weather because they have strict clothing rules!




Gaudi:Processed with VSCO with lv01 preset

The Gaudi buildings are a must see! Each of his works are different and two of them (La Pedrera and Casa Batllo) are located in the center of Barcelona. You can enter both buildings at around €20, I only visited the Casa Batllo which was extremely beautiful and modern for its time and it offered  a student discount (exciting). Gaudi’s work is stunning and found all throughout Barcelona so definitely try and visit as many of them as possible!

Day 2



Another trip to brunch took us to Cosmo; a hipster gallery/cafe which do amazing salads, sandwiches and cakes!


Keith Haring:

After brunch, we wandered around Barcelona to find the Keith Haring mural. However, this is just a recreation of the original piece but just as impressive. This is right next to the museum of Modern Art which I never got to visit but would recommend you go to see or even the Picasso Museum if you’re into art and culture!
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Bar crawl:

To finish the day after tea at the Hard Rock Cafe, we walked around town to find some bars to keep the night going with drinks! We ended the night in a Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetbar that has been going since 1912 so the atmosphere was very classic and the cocktails were interesting, mine being served in a bathtub!

Day 3


We ended up back to Cosmo for brunch since we couldn’t find a table at Brunch&Cake and the wait was 40 minutes!

Sagrada Familia: 

A must see in Barcelona! Still being built, this is another of Gaudi’s work and is spectacular in size and detail when seeing it in reality! You can go inside but you have to book beforehand for a chance to witness it and because it is under construction, there are no clothing regulations to enter.  Keep an eye out for the change in brick colours, it’s so easy to identify the older parts of the church vs the new.

Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset

Park Guell:

Processed with VSCO with jm1 presetA couple of metro rides away and a short uphill walk is the Park Guell with the well known Lizard. Another Gaudi, this is only €8 entry and you should try to book beforehand for times during the sunny hours so that you can truly appreciate the colours of tiles!


I hope you keep in mind these places if you ever visit Barcelona! There is so much to do that we never got a chance to so if you’re there longer there is still plenty more to do!



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