What’s in my hand luggage? (Short Flight)

This week I am off to Barcelona, a place I have always dreamed of going and I am so happy to finally be able to experience it in all its beauty!

However, before I get too excited the boring and stressful part of packing needs to take place, as well as deciding which essentials should be going in my hand luggage. After traveling so much over the years, I’ve pretty much gotten the hang of it so for anyone who struggles out there on deciding what to carry onto the plane with them, here is my advice for short haul flights.

Important Documents!

Probably THE most important of all! Make sure to have your passport, boarding pass and your flight itinerary to hand (if it’s not electronic) else you won’t be flying anywhere!


I usually make sure that my purse contains both my national currency and the currency of wherever I am flying to. This is so I have cash that is easily accessible when wondering around the airport shops or if I need to buy anything when landing.

Phone/Tablet + Headphones

Whatever distance I travel, my phone or tablet (or both) are essential pieces of equipment for me. Whether they’re just there to play music, games, search the internet, watch films, videos, etc. they’re the perfect way to pass the time.

A good book (If you’re into that)

I never travel without a good book to read, even as a young girl, going on holiday always meant being able to read a new book! If you’re not into reading then there’s no need to pack this. You could substitute with a magazine or two.


I find taking my camera in my hand luggage essential for snapping a few shots in the airport and the views from the plane!

Chargers (Including portables!)

You don’t want your phone or camera running out of charge while you’re waiting for your flight or ride to accommodation at the airport so keeping your chargers close to you is a very handy thing to do. If you don’t want to faff about with a lot of wires then portable chargers are a great purchase, especially if there are no plugs available!

It’s also useful to keep chargers in your hand luggage in case your cabin luggage doesn’t arrive your destination with you.


Of course, if you’re going to a destination well known for being sunny then you’re going to need some sunglasses to protect you from all those UV rays! It’s also recommended that if you’re a contact lens wearer, you don’t wear them on airplanes.


Even on a short flight, you might be needing one!




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