Penguin Job Hack Event- October 2016

Getting up at 5:30am on a cold and dark October morning really wasn’t my idea of fun but I was also really looking forward to the day ahead at the Penguin Random House Job Hack event. Being one of the top known publishers and as an English Literature student, you can imagine my excitement when I received the email to confirm I had been successful in my application and had gained a place at the event. I applied hoping it would give me some insight into the world of publishing and editing and perhaps help me on my journey to discovering what it is that I want to do when I have finished education.

The Job Hack took place in Halifax so I had to trek from Lancaster and find my way to the location with my trustee- Google Maps. The free tea, coffee, and biscuits made me feel a lot warmer though and I started to get even happier when I was given a Penguin Random House lanyard with my name on, a free notebook and pen, a packet of customised M&M’s and a Penguin Publishers tote bag!

Throughout the day we were put into groups to carry out different tasks including spotting mistakes in a book’s design, creating ideas for our own app, writing alternative blurbs, etc. Each task was relevant to different parts of the day following talks from employees in areas of editing, app design and production.

I found that each talk was extremely interesting in giving us a break-down of day-to-day responsibilities and what different jobs require, especially when explaining the differences in positions people may not have realised, e.g. the difference between certain positions in editing.

Attending the event not only gave me a deeper understanding of what goes on in publishing a book but also gave me an option of what I might enjoy and like to apply for following my graduation. Not only this, it was the perfect opportunity to network with employees and ask any questions they might not have covered. They also gave away free books at the end with special giveaways for task winners!

On the whole, I would definitely recommend checking penguin Random House’s social media for any Job Hack events that might be taking place near you.


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