Becoming Vegetarian

“I could never be a vegetarian, I couldn’t cope”

A phrase that constantly left my mouth throughout my years, particularly since starting university when my friends began to try out being vegetarians and vegans. Most of the time, they never last which provoked my thoughts even further against going vegetarian- they couldn’t hack it so I may as well not try.

My whole life I’ve been very big on the protection of animals and chose to ignore the fact that I ate meat as being a contributing fact and adopted the “they’re already dead so it’d just be a waste” attitude. For me, a life of being a vegetarian meant eating pasta, vegetables and nuts. I guess I never really researched into the different foods and meals that were out there to try. During my first year of university, I began to develop

During my first year of university, I began to cook for myself and I slowly began to realise (mainly every time I visited home) how my preference strayed from meat already, not only because meat was expensive but because I never really fancied it at all. Not only this but bean burgers became my new obsession, if I ate a normal beef burger it was tasteless to me and needed those extra spices!

The biggest factor towards me becoming vegetarian was the fact that my boyfriend was – and always had been one. After visiting him during the summer (intrigued to see the amount of variation that would be in my meals for a week) and as we became closer at the beginning of second year, I began to adopt his eating habits. We ate together and cooked only vegetarian foods (and still do) which have become my favourite meals to both cook and enjoy!

I guess you could say my transition was quite a gradual and easy one because I really don’t feel restricted by what I can eat since the majority of meat dishes wouldn’t appeal to me anyway. I love experimenting with my meals through using different foods and I have come to love cooking, something that had become a chore for me when moving to university. Sometimes, I miss the taste of chicken nuggets but I actually find the vegetarian alternatives a lot tastier and theres not much difference in texture, weirdly!

I feel a lot healthier becoming a vegetarian (apart from the days I binge out on pizza and ice cream- moments I always have and always will have) and there is so much more to meals than just pasta and basic vegetables than I thought. The list is endless; meat substitutes, beans, lentils, bean burgers, curries, Dahl, bean chilli’s, etc. I find that my favourite meals are not only pizza, but my boyfriend’s lentil pasta sauce which you can use with anything and the most amazing roasted squash salad that is just the stuff that dreams are made of! There is always those people that say that you gain weight when becoming a vegetarian (I know my mom always did) but that only happens if you aren’t careful about what you eat and use vegetarianism as an excuse just to binge out on pizza and chips all the time or cant of the high in fat/calories options available.

I also feel a lot better about myself and my morale. Before I would object to the eating of basically all meat but chicken, turkey, pork and beef, so I was halfway to becoming a vegetarian anyway! But now, I don’t have moments where I look at my plate and feel guilty about the animal that died for me to eat it, it allows me to eat a lot more peacefully, healthily and with more variety.

I guess the point of this blog post is not only to promote vegetarianism, but to assure all those out there who are thinking of trying to become a vegetarian that it is definitely worth a try. Whether you succeed and enjoy it or hate it and give up. It’s definitely worth it because you never know, you could be like me and prefer it so much more than your previous lifestyle!




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