‘The Garden Isle’

Aloha Juice Bar

Having visited Kauai once before, the hot midday air and familiar sites as we landed into Lihue Airport ignited my excitement for the next 10 days – although, after waiting to get the keys to our hire car I realised I could’ve dressed in clothes a lot cooler.

Our holiday was spent staying in an apartment at the Waipouli Beach Resort- a lovely, quaint resort right on the coast so it’s just a quick walk if you’re not sure whether to sit at the pool or the sandy beach. The pool was the most interesting part of the Resort being based on a lazy river theme including waterfall features, hidden caves and a brilliant little waterslide.

Jetlag = getting to see the sunrise

Suffering from major jetlag, we managed to catch the sunrise at around 5am after waking up naturally and thankfully having our apartment windows facing the right way! It’s a definite must-see for anyone visiting and I’d definitely try and head for the beach so you can sit on the sand and just watch the beautiful colours of the sky emerge

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Red Waterfall

Despite its small size, there are a range of things to do in Kauai with hiking being one of the most popular of these so to access beautiful scenery you wouldn’t be able to see via public transport. You can take surfing and paddle boarding lessons, make the trip up to Waimea Canyon and witness a smaller and more colourful version of the grand canyon (completely accessible by car), there are zip lines and river tubing, helicopter rides and boat rides which take you to see the sites of the Napali Coast, so many beaches, caves to explore and so much more surrounding the islands natural wonder. Having been the setting of countless films including Pirates of the Carribean and Jurrassic Park, there will always be a sense of familiarity about the landscapes (and you can even visit the waterfall used for Jurrasic Falls)

My personal favourite being a boat ride on Captain Andy’s where we stumbled upon a pod of Dolphins as we left the docks, were fed by the wonderful team and went snorkelling around the Napali Coast where we were accompanied by an array of fish and even a sea turtle! A must-do if you get the chance.

One of my other favourite things about Kauai are the many shaven ice stands and fruit/smoothie stands all around the island, with so many fresh fruit and small treats available.

The Island, in my opinion, is a truly magnificent place and I would highly recommend a visit to anyone who can, whether you go as a couple, a family, with friends or solo. The Island accommodates to all sorts of groups with so much to do and even more places to relax.





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Waimea Canyon Lookout

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Napali Coast Boat Trip
Stumbling Across a Pod of Dolphins
A Beautiful Sighting





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