The Tempest 11/01/2017: A Short Review


Ten minutes late after collecting tickets and buying our drinks, we walked into the extremely full cinema screen trying to find a seat in the dark. As the live interviews drew to a close Gregory Doran’s live broadcast production of The Tempest finally began.

If we can create a little moment of wonder, that’s pretty special for the audience, I hope – Mark Quartley

This production of modern technology meeting old school theatre proved to be a wonderful combination with the use of special effects on the character of Ariel and background projections.

Not only were the effects incredible but the actors provided intense performances, my personal favourites being Simon Russel Beale’s ‘Prospero’ and Mark Quartley’s ‘Ariel’. The character of ‘Ariel’ being given heightened fascination with the use of live motion effects (explained through a short video during the interval) as well as Quartley providing such a mesmerising performance, truly embracing his character.

On the whole, the performance was intense, entertaining and cleverly put together. Another great performance from the RSC.





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